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"BalkanCom", Ltd.

Gustava Zemgala gatve 67, Rīga, LV-1039
.. , road protective barriers, barriers, accessories, photo elements, radio transmitters, module receiver, flashing indicator, distancial card, wireless radio switch, engines, control blocks, drive garage and industrial gates, NICE automation official representatives in Latvia, consultation, installation, service, trade, service,

BFT Access automation Latvia

Brīvības gatve 401c, Rīga, LV-1024
Gate automation solutions, door automation solutions, management systems, management system for home, automatics, automation solutions, automatic solutions, home automation, control equipment, control devices, sensors, sensor, area control, territory control, access control systems, access control, remote control, remote control

"SSI Schaefer", Ltd., Warehouse equipment sale and assembly

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Cesvaines 13, Rīga, LV-1073
.. air flow measurement, working space arrangement, workplace ergonomics planning, mezzanine, metal structure assembly, structure dismantling, assembly, dismantling, production, trade, LOGIMAT, pallet storage system with a radio -controlled, platform – ORBITER, automated vending racks.

"Somfy", Ltd.

Brīvības gatve 401c, Rīga, LV-1024
.. radio control, blinds, automatic blinds, blinds for windows, roller blinds, protective shutters, protective blinds, external blinds, internal blinds, interior blinds, outdoor blinds, blind automatics, awnings, sun shades, terrace awnings, automatic awning systems, curtains, curtain automatics, automatic curtain systems,

"Konecranes Latvija", Ltd., Cranes and hoists

Mazā Krasta 83, Rīga, LV-1003
.. , bridge cranes, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, container reloaders. Hoisting mechanisms, mechanism. Lifting equipment, device. Custom production of hoisting machinery, all manufacturer building modernization, technical maintenance, repair, spare parts. Radio control.

"", Audio, video, LED equipment, online shop

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Mellužu 13-5, Rīga, LV-1067
.. shop Video equipment Cables Connectors Music, sound equipment trade, internet shop. Audio and video equipment accessories trade, speakers, sound, notifying, outdoor sounding, sounding, acoustic systems, events sound equipment, amplifiers, mixing consoles, microphones, radio microphone systems, audio cables, cables and
ZL.LV iesaka

"Rol-Automatik Vārti", Ltd., industrial, industrial gates in Latvia

Ludzas 89b, Rīga, LV-1003
.. parking lots, parking, turnstiles. Lifting car parking areas, access system control. Gate and door automation, remote control. Remote controls, radio transmitters, radio receivers, photo elements, photo barriers, electric locks, flashing lights, control units, engines, motors, recovery, powered mechanisms. Systems with "Chip",
ZL.LV iesaka

Light Cosmetology, Laser Beauty Salon in Riga "L & Magic"

Hospitāļu 8, Rīga, LV-1013
.. are used, to replace over time lost amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, to restore skin firmness and volume, smoothen wrinkles) mesoroller, mesoroller. MIKROINJEKCIJU TERAPIJA AR MEZOROLLERI, mesotherapy. RFlifting, Radiolifting, RF lifting, RF lifting, Face lifting by radio waves. RF - lifting - non-surgical face and body skin lifting.

"Respekts", Ltd., security, fire safety in Valmiera

Stacijas 3a, Valmiera, LV-4201
.. , mobile security Valmiera, security equipment set Valmiera, security control panel Valmiera, siren Valmiera, magnetic door contact Valmiera, motion detector Valmiera, animal detectors Valmiera, radio transmitter with antenna Valmiera, security special offer Valmiera, security design Valmiera, 24-hour monitoring Valmiera.

"Electro Base", SIA

Katlakalna 9a, Rīga, LV-1073
.. other. Car Audio. Car antennas. Adapters. Interfaces. Car speakers. Radio frames. Connections car audio. Car power accessories. Radio and CB pockets and half pockets. Professional car audio accessories. Radio and speaker masking panels. Panel with radio connection tapes. Keys for radio dismantling. Cables for CD changers. Parking sensor.
ZL.LV iesaka

"BAO", JSC, Hazardous waste management

Celtnieku 3a, Olaine, Olaines n., LV-2114
.. waste, waste electronic equipment, electric appliances acceptance point. Population - private persons can submit free of charge: waste, useless, used, waste, (discarded electrical equipment, electronic equipment: computer, computer equipment, (computers, printers, copiers, monitors, displays) TV, TV, radio , radio equipment
ZL.LV iesaka

"KRINNER Latvija", Without concrete foundation screw piles

Valdlauči, Izstāžu 11, Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-1076
Screw piles Screw pile installation Foundations for a wooden frame house Screw piles for the terrace Screw piles for footbridge Screw piles for home Construction and repair works Building material building structure trade Basics of Residential Containers Temporary Basics for Buildings, Framed Houses. Screw pile installation,

WWW."SECURITY LV", Security company group

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Silabrieži, "Krasts 7A", Salaspils p., Salaspils n., LV-2119
.. radio transmitter, industrial space security, panel, wireless alarm service, wireless alarm system installation, wireless alarm installation, designing, installation, alarms, glass breakage sensor, technical support, territory, territory, point of sale security, market security, buttons, response, warning alarm, rapid Response

"SDI Media Latvia", Ltd., Sound, translation, advertising company

Maskavas 322, Rīga, LV-1063
Subtitling Sound recording Subtitles Dubbing Translation DCP key making Translation services Duplicated Video and audio material, (advertising, movie, study material, computer game, IVR - answering machine, audio guide) adaptation, translation, editing, sound recording, dubbing, treatment, dubbing, duplicated, simultaneous

"Universitates Vetfonds", Ltd., Veterinary pharmacy, wholesale

K.Helmaņa 8, Jelgava, LV-3004
Veterinary pharmacy Veterinary pharmacy Vet pharmacy, animal food, care products, medications, dog, cat vitamins, microelements, complementary feed for dogs, for cats, horses, for birds, for seniors, old animals, allergic, milk substitutes, substitute, de-worming, antihelminthics, antiparasitic products, animal medications,
ZL.LV iesaka

"ORMIX Electronics", SIA, Radio Parts Store

K.Barona 136e, Rīga, LV-1012
Electronic devices Radio parts Electronic components Sale of radio parts Electronics components Electronic components. Radio parts store online. Radio parts store, e-shop, wholesale, radio parts, radio parts trade, radio parts wholesale, electronic components trade, retail trade, wholesale trade. Discrete semiconductors. Passive
ZL.LV iesaka

"Cran-Ex", Ltd.

Katlakalna 8, Rīga, LV-1073
.. , railway turntables, tensioners. Winch installation, winch testing, strops, Strop checking, Strop, slings repair, service, safety equipment, cargo fasteners, cargo fastening straps, lift-trucks, loading machinery, unloading machinery. Crane radio control panels, control board.
ZL.LV iesaka

LaManga beauty salon in the center of Riga

Lāčplēša 62, Rīga, LV-1011
.. . Lazernaja epilacija. Epilation in Riga. Injection of hyaluronic acid. Skin rejuvenation. The firmness and volume of the skin is restored, smoothed wrinkles, mesoroller, mesoroller. mesotherapy. RF lifting, Radiolifting, RF lifting, RF lifting, Face lifting by radio waves. RF - lifting - non-surgical face and body skin lifting. Epilation

"Ķepu nams", Zoo goods store, veterinary pharmacy

Lielā 8, Jelgava, LV-3001
Animal food Pet-shop Zoo goods Zoogoods Zoo shops Animal food, Dog food, Cat food, pet food, feed for livestock, feed for fish, aquarium supplies, for hamsters, for rats, for fretka, for rabbits, ferrets, for guinea pigs, for turtles, for chinchilla, radio fences, anti-barking collars, belts, leashes, toys, combs, for furminators, bed
ZL.LV iesaka

"SwanGifts", SIA, reklamas suveniri

Bauskas 16c, Rīga, LV-1004
.. Umbrellas, pens, pencils, stationery sets, rulers, key chains, brelocks, table, walls, watches, neck ribbons, leather products, money wallets, toys, balloons, reflectors, reflective bracelets, reflective vests, candlesticks, air fresheners, radio , calculators, mouse pads, cash trays, matches, lighters, ashtrays, games, badges,

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БАЛТИК МЕДИА, рекламное агентство

236023, Калининград, Третьяковская ул., 10


236000, Калининград, Мира проспект, 136, оф. 525


236000, Калининград, Дмитрия Донского ул., 42