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Fortūna 2, LTD, Taxi

Kuldīgas 5, Ventspils LV-3601

We work 365 days a year! 24 hours every day! Without weekends, also on holidays!

Taxis, taxis, taxi services in Ventspils, Ventspils, Lavia, Kurzeme, Lithuania, Estonia.

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TAXI Ventspils MS-VR Individual merchant

Kuldīgas 5, Ventspils, LV-3601
About the company: We have been in the taxi service industry since 1997. We perform light taxi transportation in Ventspils city, Ventspils region, as well as leave outside Ventspils region to deliver our customers to their chosen destination. This destination can be anywhere in Latvia and also outside Latvia.
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Sos Taxi, Individual merchant, 24-hour taxi

Sūru 2, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3301

24-hour taxi services in and around Kuldiga. We offer passenger transportation in quality and new cars. Experienced drivers will comfortably deliver you to your destination at exactly the right time! Bells!

Jūrmalas Taxi, Individual merchant Marija J

Ceriņu 32-36, Jūrmala, LV-2015
Our services:: ✓ Six-seater taxi 1-6, ✓ child seat, ✓ smoking is not allowed in the cabin, ✓ cash payments, ✓ transfer to the airport, ✓ transfer from the airport, ✓ welcoming passengers at the airport, ✓ service "two drivers" . Apraksts:

"Jūrmalas taxi" taksometr offers taxi transport services in the territory of Jurmala and its surroundings, calling a taxi in Jurmala.

ZL.LV iesaka


Upeslīču 16, Alejas, Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas nov., LV-2111
Taxi service

TAXI Cēsis, LTD KarLux

Leona Paegles 8, Cēsis, Cēsu nov. LV-4101

24-hour taxi services in Cesis.

Ekspress Sigulda, LTD

Pils 6, Sigulda, Siguldas nov., LV-2150
Apraksts: Taksometru pakalpojumi, kā arī autoevakuācija uz dzīves vietu. Taxi buss līdz 8 personām.

T Kings, LTD, taxi services in Valmiera

Kārļa Baumaņa 6A, Valmiera, Valmieras nov., LV-4201
ZIP TAXI is a taxi service application that serves as a convenient and fast taxi rental solution for residents of small towns and regional cities in Latvia. About the company:

24-hour taxi services in Valmiera and its surroundings.

Taxi Kuldīga

Sūru 2, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov. LV-3301
Apraksts: Piedāvājam kvalitatīvus taksometra pakalpojumus ar ilggadēju pieredzi. Profesionāli un laipni šoferīši, iepriekš vienojoties, jūs nogādās jebkurā Latvijas nostūrī, kā arī piedāvājam kurjera pakalpojumus (pārtiku, sīkpaku, ziedu utt.), piegādi jūsu norādītajā laikā un vietā. Uz tikšanos!!!


Krišjāņa Valdemāra 111, Rīga LV-1013
Services: ✓ Cargo transport in Latvia ✓ Cargo transportation in Europe ✓ Moving ✓ Passenger transport ✓ Transport services Freight transport:

LTD "Truck taxi" offers cargo taxis for any life situation. If you need to do small freight transport or non-standard freight transport, we can offer a freight taxi to take the cargo to the place you need. We can offer quick turnaround times thanks to our extensive fleet.

KarLux, LTD, Commission shop MĒBELES

Strādājam# Preces no Vācijas Norvēģijas
Rīgas 24, Gulbene, Gulbenes nov. LV-4401


Kuldiga Taxi, Individual merchant HIL

Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov. LV-3301
Apraksts: "HIL" taksometru pakalpojumus sniedz kopš 2018. gada Kuldīgā un Kurzemes reģionā. Pasažieru pārvadājumi uz citām vietām Latvijā - pēc pieprasījuma un iepriekšējas vienošanās. Kuldīgā veicam arī kurjeru, ziedu un pārtikas piegādes pakalpojumus. Pēc vajadzības aizvedīsim mazgabarīta preces. Esam atbildīgi, precīzi un ar lielu profesionālu šoferu pieredzi. Jūsu zvanu gaidīs Inese.

EST Tehnoloģijas, LTD, Sale and repair of scales

Lastādijas 42, Rīga, LV-1050
Goods: ✓ Household scales ✓ Table scales ✓ Floor scales ✓ Hanging scales ✓ Packaging scales ✓ Car scales ✓ Crane scales ✓ Analytic scales ✓ High precision scales ✓ Car axle scales ✓ Railway scales ✓ Medical scales ✓ Moisture meter ✓ Mobile pallet scales ✓ Platform scales ✓ Counting scales ✓ Track scales ✓ Bar scales ✓ Scales for forklifts and front loaders ✓ Scales for animal weighing ✓ Scales for fire and explosion unsafe environments ✓ Commercial scales ✓ U-pallet scales ✓ Water and dust resistant scales ✓ Weight components

MG Alliance, LTD, Accountancy services, Outsourcing company

Licencēts grāmatvedības uzņēmums AGL0000450
Hospitāļu 8-8a, Rīga LV-1013
Offered outsourcing services: ✓ Tax and financial advice ✓ Accountancy services ✓ Internal audit and control ✓ International audit ✓ Legal services ✓ Balance transfer ✓ Restoration of accounting and tax records ✓ Tax optimization ✓ Preparation of source documents

Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Latvian branch, Central Office

Vienības gatve 87H, Rīga, LV-1004
Services: ✓ life insurance with accumulation of savings ✓ private and life pension insurance ✓ accumulative life insurance for children ✓ accident and health insurance for individuals and legal entities ✓ oncological disease insurance, OncoDrop Company goals: The goal of the Latvian branch of Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE is to offer its customers universal, individual requirements, impeccable quality insurance services, providing a high level of service.

Accuratio, LTD, Accountancy services

Krišjāņa Valdemāra 23, Rīga LV-1010
Accounting services offered:: ✓ We provide financial accounting ✓ We carry out accounting records of branches of foreign companies, we prepare reports and tax declarations ✓ We provide new business registration services ✓ We calculate, list and declare customer taxes ✓ We prepare annual reports ✓ We provide management accounting at the request of clients ✓ We advise on tax and financial accounting issues ✓ We organize accounting ✓ We prepare operational balance sheets and profit or loss statements ✓ We perform the calculation of the wages of the client's employees, the calculation of salary taxes and contributions ✓ Customer personnel documentation is being developed ✓ We organize customer records ✓ We provide client office administration services ✓ We provide reports to foreign parent companies of clients

ARI Accounting Service, LTD, Accountancy services

Lāčplēša 27-6, Rīga LV-1011
First people, then numbers.:

LTD "Ari accounting service" is a customer-oriented company for which it is important to establish and maintain a good relationship with the customer in any situation. The company guarantees an individual approach to every client. Accurate accounting is essential. Maintain detailed records of expenses, income and other tax aspects. This will help avoid unjustified taxes and optimize costs. We are accounting experts! Accounting is our heart's work!

Mana meža vērtība

"Brenguļi", Brenguļi-2, Brenguļu pagasts, Valmieras nov. LV-4245
About us:

"Mana meža vērtība" is a logging and forest price comparison platform designed for forest owners and buyers. Forest owners can get their forest valued in terms of amount from more than 200+ potential buyers, both individuals and legal entities, with the help of a free advertisement. On the other hand, by providing forest buyers with the latest information on forest properties in the areas they are interested in, offering to make a one-time price offer. The value of the forest or felled property is obtained when the potential buyer obtains information about the property, making an invisible price offer to others, thereby forming a fair assessment of the specific property. Information about the owner of the forest or felling is confidential! My forest value acts as a support for forest sellers, providing free consultations, sample documents and informing about current events in the forest industry. does not engage in property purchases or property auctions!

FinServices, LTD

Strūgu 2A, Rīga, LV-1003
Advantages of accounting outsourcing:: ✓ The company will save on the salary costs of the accountant ✓ The accounting outsourcing company performs full accounting, as well as specializes in tax consulting and legal issues ✓ It is not necessary to arrange the workplace of the accountant ✓ It is not necessary for the accountant to provide constant training and growth ✓ An accounting service company has a greater circulation of information and wider knowledge in various types of business spheres

DSV Latvia, LTD, car, sea and air freight

Krustpils 31, Rīga LV-1073
The DSV organization is divided into three departments, which together are able to offer a full range of transportation services, thus ensuring the entire supply chain in a given company:: ✓ Air & Sea - air and sea transportation ✓ Road - land transport by road transport ✓ Solutions - warehouse and logistics services

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