Valmiera, all Latvia

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Nitram, Ltd., car radiator service center

Lubānas 133, Rīga LV-1021
Motorcycle radiator repair, Radiator restoration, replacement, Car mats RĒZEKNE, RĪGA, VENTSPILS, CĒSIS, VALMIERA
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Autocentrs 1a, car service station

Zāļu 7, Valmiera LV-4201
Car-care center in Valmiera , car repair in Valmiera , car service station services, car repair, car maintenance repair in Valmiera , car tinsmith works, car tinsmith, car painting, car painting in Valmiera , car repainting


A.Kronvalda 40 k.3, Cēsis LV-4101

Engine overhaul, crankshaft grinding, camshaft grinding, block turning, aluminum welding, in Cēsis, Limbaži, Valmiera, Valka, Smiltene, Gulbene, Madona, Balvi, Rēzekne, Daugavpils, Vidzeme, Zemgale, Latgale.

Apse, Ltd., Car service station, car spare parts in Cesis

Rīgas 88, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101
    ✓ Car service in Cesis We carry out car repairs for natural and legal persons. Motor diagnostics. Car maintenance. Welding. Technical inspection in Cesis.
Auto parts
    ✓ Car spare parts for cars and trucks in Cēsis, Valmiera, Limbazi, Sigulda, Valka, Smiltene and Vidzeme. We deliver. ✓ External communications Construction of economic sewerage, purification equipment, infiltration fields, rainwater drainage, water supply in Cēsis, Valmiera, Limbazi, Valka, Smiltene, Sigulda. ✓ Internal engineering communications Construction and service of heating systems; ventilation systems; hot, cold and fire fighting water supply systems; sewerage and plumbing in Cēsis, Valmiera, Limbazi, Valka, Smiltene, Sigulda. ✓ Excavator services Excavators, excavators with operators in Cēsis, Valmiera, Limbazi, Valka, Smiltene, Sigulda. ✓ Truck Dump Service Dump trucks 6 m3, 8 m3 in Cēsis, Valmiera, Limbaži, Valka, Smiltene, Sigulda.
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Auto KS, LTD, Car service station

Brandeļi, "Brandelītis" , Kocēnu pagasts, Valmieras nov. LV-4220

Professional anti-corrosion treatment with Swedish equipment and materials. Removal of plastic parts of the lower part of the machine, thorough washing, drying. Machine gluing, treatment with anti-corrosion chemistry, assembly of plastic parts. Work - from 2 to 3 days. Warranty.

ZL.LV iesaka

JKR Autocentrs, LTD

Gaides 8, Valmiera LV-4201
Apraksts: Car service in Valmiera. Tire service. Car spare parts. Diesel repair, diagnostics.

RBI autoserviss, Ltd.

Brandeļi, "Brandelītis", Kocēnu p., Valmieras n., LV-4220
Apraksts: Repair and maintenance of automobiles of all kinds. Car preparation for TI. Tire trade. Conditioner refill.

Sinhro-C, Ltd., Car service, Spare parts in Cēsis

Vilku 1, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101
    ✓ Car batteries in Cēsis, Vidzeme We offer the best quality batteries for gasoline and diesel engines in Cēsis, Valmiera, Limbaži, Valka, Sigulda, Smiltene and Vidzeme.
Auto parts
    ✓ Auto spare parts for the running gear and superstructure for all types of cars, Audi, VW, Ford, BMW, Mazda, Fiat, Toyota, Lexus, Škoda, Subaru, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen, Lancia, Honda cars.

AB Buss, SIA, Autoserviss

Patversmes 11, Valmiera LV-4201
Description: Car service in Valmiera: repair of cars, minibuses, motorcycles, trailers and trailers. Freight / Minibus transportation, rental. Technical roadside assistance. Car evacuation in Latvia, as well as in the Baltic territory.

Dzintars, Car glass tinting in Cesis

Raiņa 30, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101
Apraksts: Car glass tinting in Cesis, Limbazi, Valmiera, Sigulda. Car glass tinting. Tinting of building glass. Car glass films. Glass films for buildings. Pasting. Window films. Autoglasses, car glass, car glass tinting in Cesis, Limbazi, Valmiera, Sigulda, Madona, Smiltene. Car glass tinting. Tinting of building glass. Car glass films. Glass films for buildings. Window films.
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Piena Transportserviss, Ltd., Milk transportation

Rīgas 93, Valmiera LV-4201
Our services:: ✓ Milk transportation ✓ Milk tank equipment and repair ✓ Spare parts Spare parts for milk tanks::

"Milk transport service" - milk pumps, milk tank lid rubbers, milk injection check valves, rotors for milk pumps, milk pump seals( fibres), tank rubbers, spare parts, tank lid rubbers, milk pump rotors, fibers, milk pump meters, displays, milk meters, milk meter spare parts, milk meter installation, milk tank hydraulics, development, installation, maintenance.,

JIK autoevakuators, SP, car evacuation, technical assistance on the road 00-24

Tilderi, Silmaļu 21, Salaspils, Salaspils n., LV-2121
Apraksts: CAR EVACUATOR 24/7! Location doesn't matter. We will evacuate from anywhere, in all weather conditions, at friendly prices. LICENSED car evacuation service provider, car evacuation INSURANCE, commercial cargo carrier. By working with us, you can forget about the stress that arises when you have to drive on footbridges to get to the tow truck with the risk of the car falling, the bumper will not be damaged or torn off, the bottom of the car is scratched and damaged while sitting on the tow truck. With our lafette, such miracles will not have to be experienced, everything will happen safely, quickly and gently.

Idua, SIA

"Košas", Vaidavas p., Kocēnu n., LV-4228
Description: “IDUA” - AUTOEVAKUATORS 24/7. Droša Jūsu auto transportēšana. Esam ātri, akurāti, atsaucīgi!

Baltyre Latvia Ltd. Tires - wheels - cameras / shop - warehouse - service

Aviācijas 8, Jelgava, LV-3002
Apraksts: Baltyre Latvia Ltd. is one of the leading importers and traders of new tires, discs, inner tubes in Latvia. Here you will find tires for:
    ✓ agricultural machinery and aggregates; ✓ forestry equipment; ✓ industrial equipment; ✓ trucks; ✓ cars and commercial vehicles, ✓ motorcycles, quad bikes, small garden equipment. In the warehouse in Jelgava, a wide range of goods is independently available, we accept individual orders for the production of discs according to your equipment. In a specialized tire service it is possible to perform tire assembly and repair (including vulcanization) in the size from 4"" - 61"". The product can be conveniently ordered in the online store, we provide delivery in Latvia within 1 working day.

Juveks V, Ltd., Starter, generator repair in Cesis

Rīgas 50, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101
Apraksts: Starters, starter repair in Cesis, Valmiera, Limbazi, Sigulda. Generators, generator repair, transmission repair. Tractor, car, truck, forestry equipment generator, starter repair. Car heating, heating system repair in Cesis.

AK12, SIA, Cesu filiale

Lapsu 17, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101
    ✓ Riepu serviss; ✓ Bosch Car Service; ✓ BOSCH rokas elektroinstrumenti; ✓ Kravas auto serviss; ✓ Riepas agro un industriālajai tehnikai; ✓ Metālapstrāde un mašīnbūve
Darbība: Mēs, SIA „AK12“, esam uzņēmums, kas rūpējas par vieglo un kravas automašīnu, kā arī industriālās un lauksaimniecības tehnikas pilnu servisa apkalpošanu, kā arī esam vieni no lielākajiem riepu piegādātājiem reģionā. 2017. gadā mūsu vieglo automašīnu serviss ir kļuvis par BOSCH CAR SERVICE – tas ir zīmols, kura augstie kvalitātes standarti un tehniskās iespējas ir pazīstami un augstu vērtēti visā Eiropā. Esam kļuvuši arī par BOSCH rokas elektroinstrumentu oficiālajiem tirdzniecības pārstāvjiem. Šobrīd „AK12“ ir paplašinājis savas kompetences robežas un atvēris metālapstrādes un mašīnbūves cehu, paplašinot servisa pakalpojumus ar izstrādes un ražošanas pakalpojumiem visa veida industriālajai tehnikai, tajā skaitā komunālajiem dienestiem, mežizstrādei un lauksaimniecībai.

AK12, Ltd.

Brandeļi, "Kalnmeijas", Kocēnu p., Valmieras n., LV-4220
    ✓ Tyre service; ✓ Bosch Car Service; ✓ BOSCH hand power tools; ✓ Truck service; ✓ Tires for agricultural and industrial machinery; ✓ Metalworking and mechanical engineering
Activity: We, SIA "AK12", are a company that takes care of full service of cars and trucks, as well as industrial and agricultural machinery, as well as we are one of the largest suppliers of tires in the region. 2017. our car service has become BOSCH CAR SERVICE, a brand whose high quality standards and technical capabilities are known and highly valued throughout Europe. We have also become the official sales representatives for BOSCH hand tools. At present, AK12 has expanded its competence and opened a metalworking and mechanical engineering workshop, expanding its services with development and production services for all types of industrial machinery, including utilities, forestry and agriculture.

Autogars, Ltd., Car service station Cēsis

Saulrītu 9, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101
    ✓ Adjust car alignment; ✓ Car anti-corrosion; ✓ Tyre change and balancing; ✓ Car diagnostics
Rebuilding: We are rebuilding a standard 4x4 car for increased throughput. Using our many years of experience in off-road driving, we will be able to help you improve and perfect your 4x4, for your pleasure and need.

REM sport, LTD, car evacuation

Cempu 8a, Valmiera, Valmieras n., LV-4201
Description: Car tow truck with drop platform and manipulator. Evacuator with manipulator. Vehicle crane services. Tow truck, technical assistance in Valmiera, Vidzeme. Car SOS. Car service, car repair in Valmiera. Tire change, winter tires in Valmiera. Engine box repair in Valmiera. Freight transport. Rem Sport., Car glass service in Valmiera

Valmiermuiža, Patversmes 27, Valmieras p., Valmieras n., LV-4219
    ✓ Tinting ✓ Kasco ✓ Glass installation ✓ Glass repair
Kasko:: The company cooperates with insurance joint stock companies. As there is cooperation with all companies, you simply need to choose your insurer on the website to find out how to report an accident online, of course, the team will be happy to advise you in case of uncertainty, as well as photo fix the damaged part of the vehicle for you.