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Stieress, LTD, Camping

Upesgrīva, "Stieres" , Mērsraga pagasts, Talsu nov., LV-3284
Services:: ✓ Sports field ✓ Volleyball field ✓ Novuss ✓ Table tennis ✓ Parking place ✓ Cafe-bar ✓ Banquet hall ✓ Seminar room ✓ Camping houses ✓ Tent places ✓ Camping sites ✓ Trailer locations ✓ Showers ✓ Grill

Nabite, Camping

"Nabīte" , Padures pagasts, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3321
Apraksts: Camping "Nabīte". Spacious, well-maintained territory (11 ha) in a picturesque location on the shore of Great Nabas Lake. A popular destination for water tourists with their destination on Lake Nabas, as it connects with the River Venta. A great place to have a memorable time, relax at the breast of the nature, organize larger events such as corporate events for up to 1000 people and smaller ones for weddings or families. We offer full service event organization. It is possible for anglers to catch large catches as well as we offer boat rentals. Activities include a variety of activities: sports grounds, children's playground, water bicycle rental, sauna rental. See you at the campsite "Nabīte"!

BEJAS.LV, Recreational complex-camping near the Bož reservoir

Babītes pagasts

Leisure centre "Bejas" is located 20 km from the center of Riga, on the shore of the artificial Boži reservoir. There are 20 different well-equipped recreation / picnic places with a grill. Possibility to spend the night in one of the 7 camping houses perched on a hill overlooking the reservoir. And quiet camping. For active recreation it is possible to rent pedal boats, boats, SUP boards. You can relax and enjoy the evening in the mobile sauna or jacuzzi.

Grāveri, camping

"Grāveri" , Rendas pagasts, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3319

New campsite on the shore of Lake Usma! A beautiful and ideal place for relaxing with family, friends or for holding private events( sports games, gatherings, birthdays, Ligo, etc. tml. ) . Campsites, sauna, guest house, tent sites, shelter with tables and benches, bathhouse services, soccer and volleyball fields, boat rentals, fire pits, picnic tables, benches and barbecues. Welcome to the campsite "Graveri" !

Neptūns, restaurant, camping site in Jurmala

Atpūties zaļi!
Jaunķemeru ceļš 1, Jūrmala, LV-2012

Restaurant "Neptūns" is the oldest "green" thoughtful restaurant in Jurmala, located in the area of sea dunes and in the territory of Kemeri National Park. Only 42 km from Riga, you can enjoy the sea air, the rustling of pine trees and delicious meals with family or friends. We offer a wide selection of undeservedly forgotten classic dishes from Latvian national and Soviet cuisine, as well as European dishes from local seasonal products. Regardless of the season, we grill on the open grill throughout the year. On hot summer days, you have at your disposal a terrace with a canopy, while in winter, a restaurant hall with a historical aura and a banquet-seminar hall with a fireplace. Families with children are especially welcome guests with us - we offer a children's room, an outdoor playground, healthy food and entertaining children's mornings. Take a rest "green" in a place where the rush disappears!

Šķilas, guest house

Pērkone , Nīcas pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-3473
Description: A place for peaceful rest 300m beautiful and healthy walks( through pine forests and meadows) away from the sea. Celebration/seminar hall for up to 60 pers., accommodation for up to 55 pers., sauna, bath attendant services, swimming pool, camping, picnic areas, active recreation opportunities - beach volleyball, beach tennis, basketball, football, clubbing, hiking, children's playground. In the summer season, you can walk to the nearby cafés.

Kalna Spuļļu dīķi, leisure centre, charging ponds

Upesciems, "Jaunvilciņi" , Garkalnes pagasts, Ropažu nov., LV-2137
For recreation: There are seating areas with tables and grills. Arbor, sauna holiday house for 6 persons, hot tub or tub, volleyball court, playground, campfire place, sauna for up to 10 people and tent sites. How to find: Our ponds are driving from Upesciems, 1.5 km behind the bus stop, to the right in front of the telecommunication tower. Please do not mix with other Upesciems ponds.

Radi, LTD, rest guest house - hotel by Lake Cieceres

"Radi" , Cieceres pagasts, Saldus nov., LV-3851
Camping by the lake, Recreation by the lake, Guest house by the lake, Cieceres lake, Seminars, camping

Nomadic Homes SIA - glamping, manufacture and rental of wigwams, SUP, rental of tents and equipment, adventure tourism

"Kadiķi" , Vītiņu pagasts, Dobeles nov., LV-3721

Nomadic Homes is a brand created in Latvia that represents unique glamping tents. The design emphasizes green thinking and also creates an awareness of values. . . Nomadic Homes - wigwams, production of wigwams and their rental, wigwams, production of wigwams and their rental, SUP rental, equipment and inventory for events.

The design canopy is the new product of Nomadic Homes. The canopy is both for sale and possible to rent. It is intended for holidays, weddings, gardens, recreation areas, summer cafes, open-air markets.

Dižāpas, LTD, camping

"Dižāpas" , Rendas pagasts, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3319
Description: "Dižāpas" the campsite is located on the eastern shore of Lake Usma. A quiet, picturesque resting place with a great swimming area, especially for children. Possibility of fishing both in the lake and in the river. Bathe in the only gypsy sauna in Latvia. Boat rental, catamarans, go-karts. Tent sites for an unlimited number of visitors. Campfire and picnic places. Possibility to organize sports games and corporate events.

Rindas skola, boat rental-guest house

Rinda, "Rindas skola" , Ances pagasts, Ventspils nov., LV-3601
boat rental, canoe, aLBA, kayak, vista, Stende, Engure, Irbe, overnight stay, tent places, fireplace sites

Zvejnieki 2000, LTD, Leisure centre, guest house

"Zvejnieki" , Cieceres pagasts, Saldus nov., LV-3851
Tourist complex on Cieceres lake shore! Living, catering, recreation by the lake, recreation on land, place for celebrations and events, cottages, WC, shower, TV, tent places, tents, tent places, fireplace. Boat trips, boats, boat rental, catamarans. Fishing. Children playgrounds. Sport fields, football, basketball, volleyball. Corporate

Safari park - guesthouse MORE

"Saulstari" , Mores pagasts, Siguldas nov., LV-2170

Working time: All year. With prior login.

Luxury guest house in a unique environment - a deer garden. Rooms fo conference, celebration, sauna, hot tub. Wireless internet, projector, etc. Enjoy exclusive venison and wild boar dishes, Latvian forest and nature( By previous appointment) . Fishing, swimming, boats. Picnic and camping site. Organization of events, weddings. Archery and events in medieval style. Inspection of deer, fallow deer, white deer and wild boar, their feeding by hand. In total, more than 500 animals. Guided tours, visit the horn collection. Visits must be booked in advance.

Matisons Auto, LTD

"Mazturaidas" , Grobiņas pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-3430

"Matisons Auto" sale of used and little used cars, which we import from Germany. We also deliver cars to order, as well as delivery of your purchased car to Latvia. Lending - the possibility of buying on installments, leasing

Abavas laivas, laivu noma

"Abavas" , Rendas pagasts, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3319
What we offer?:

Abavas Laivas is the right choice if you want to relax and not worry about anything, because we offer everything you need to make your vacation a success!

✓ Boat rental ✓ Accommodation ✓ Routes ✓ Baths Rest in nature and no worries:

Great rest in nature for everyone who wants to relax. You will be pleasantly surprised with us, because the Abava Laiva team is welcoming and helpful enough to ensure that all leisure planning work goes smoothly. We try to provide our clients with everything they need so that stress does not spoil the holidays. We provide our customers with free parking, transport to the point of departure and transport from the final point. If you want to enjoy time in nature and have a nice rest, choose Abavas Laivas.

Measurements, Ltd., electrical measurements and technical documentation

Kurzemes prospekts 3, Rīga, LV-1067
Apraksts: A company founded by a certified engineer, whose fields of activity are electrical measurements and preparation of power system executive documentation, for newly constructed objects and objects put into operation, in accordance with Cabinet regulations and Latvian construction norms! The supporting documents and the copies of the calibration certificate of the measuring instrument, as well as the conclusion on the results of the measurements and recommendations for the improvement of the mains, are attached to the enforcement document! Services are provided all over Latvia. Riga.

Žagarkalns, ski complex, boats and camping

Cīrulīšu 70, Cēsis, Cēsu nov., LV-4101
Apraksts: A recreation complex with skiing and snowboarding in winter, camping and boat rental in the summer. Walking. Nature trails. Cafe.

Dzīvojamo treileru noma

Stīpnieku ceļš 5b, Mārupe, Mārupes nov., LV-2167
Apraksts: More comfortable than in a tent, cheaper than in a hotel - that's how you could describe living trailer. Living trailer is easy to use not only for recreation, but also for work - in construction, logging, site security, trade, etc. Key benefits include easy transport, close proximity to the property, gas stove, refrigerator, and shelter from cold, rain and wind. The main benefit of traveling with a living trailer is independence. Get tired of driving - you can visit the nearest gas station or parking lot and step into your trailer to relax in a full-sized bed right away. If you want to enjoy a holiday with more comfort, you should look for a campsite where you will be able to connect to electricity for a small fee, as well as other camping amenities. If you want to spend your holidays apart, look for a quiet corner. The autonomous gas heating, gas stove and refrigerator will also provide you with a comfortable stay here.

Zvejnieksēta, guest house

Dzintaru 36, Pāvilosta, Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-3466
Camping ZvejniekSĒTA: The campsite is located in a quiet village 300 meters from the Baltic Sea( Jūras Street 4, Pavilosta) . 12 minutes walk from the Baltic Sea. The cottages have simple wooden décor. Available to guests: ✓ Shared shower rooms ✓ Each cottage and terrace ✓ A fridge and electric kettle are also provided, as well as an electric hob ✓ There is a children’s playground on site ✓ Barbecue equipment The nearest shop, café, bus station and Tourist Information Center are 1 km from the campsite. The administration of Camping ZvejniekSĒTA can arrange boat trips.


Rencēnu 7b, Rīga, LV-1073
Production:: ✓ 2000. series - IP20 flush and flush switches and sockets with a classic design, available in white and cream. ✓ 2001. series - IP20 flush-mounted switches and sockets with a modern design, available in 5 colors - white, cream, platinum, aluminum or graphite. ✓ IP44. series - IP44 surface-mounted switches and sockets for wet rooms and outdoor spaces. Elegant and functional design, available in white or gray. ✓ Assembly boxes - we produce both low-ceiling boxes( for concrete and plaster walls), both plaster boxes., ✓ Socket blocks - we assemble socket blocks of various combinations and construction site distribution boards up to 125A, both according to standard schemes and according to individual orders. A wide warehouse of components is the basis for quick order fulfillment.