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    1. Mini zoo "Ranco"

      "Saules", Libagu p., Talsu n., LV-3258

      +371 26479669

      .. Rest in Talsi. Animal feeding. Animal petting. Walks with animals. For children in Talsi. Horse riding. Rides with a pony. Rides for children. Pony rides. Riding a horse. With pony for children. Walks along zoo. Mini zoo, Zoodārzs, Rancho, Rancho, Ranco. Birthday at the zoo. Birthdays with animals. Parties with animals, birthday mini zoo. Name
    2. "Gaisma", cafe, Accommodation, "Mazcelmini", Farm

      "Gaismas", Tervetes p., Tervetes n., LV-3730


      Cafe Cafe Kroņauce Cafes bars restaurants Cafe in Tervete, Kroņauce, breakfast, lunch, dinner, catering, banquets, anniversaries, celebrations, celebration, birthdays, solemn events, weddings, wedding place, rest evenings, children's celebrations, anniversary, banquet, celebration, conference hall, buffets, celebrations,
    3. "Lugela" - Atputa Gruzija

      "Village of Mukhuri" -, Chkhorotsku municipality, Gorgia

      +371 26713314

      Holidays in Georgia, travel in georgia, tours in eastern Georgia, tours to western Georgia, tourism in Georgia, tourist base Lugela, exotic travels in Georgia, children's Guide to Georgia, Georgia. Georgian Cuisine Workshop. Tbilisi, -Mcheta, -Svetichoveli monastery, -Javari Monastery, - Rabat-Osmane Fortress, -Vardzia, (city in the
    4. "Kundzini", Farm, Guest house

      "Kundzini", Vidrizu p., Limbazu n., LV-4013


      Recreation complex guest houses Guest house Baths Bath-house Guest houses Limbaži. Guest house in Limbazi. Guest house in Vidzeme. Holiday cottage, kitchen with hall, lounge corner with TV, 2 bedrooms with , (2+1) double beds. Fish pond, pond, fish, fishing, fishing, picnic place, awning, garden fireplace, tent places, fireplace,
    5. "Valodzes", guest house

      Kalnabeites, Saltavota 54, Siguldas p., Siguldas n., LV-2150


      .. houses, accommodation, conference organizing. Seminars. Seminar organization. Bath-house, baths, accommodation, celebration premises for up to 60 persons, table laying, leisure activities, volleyball, sports games, celebrations, anniversaries, weddings, celebrations, terrace with fireplace, fireplace sites, tent places,
    6. "Kursu baze", Ltd.

      Brivibas 125, Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001


      .. , B category tractor drivers. Tractor driver. Motor grader, excavator, bulldozer, self-propelled loader, road construction machinery, forest development and maintenance machine (forwarder, harvester) driver courses. Chain saw, brush cutter driver, timber hauler with hydraulic loader (fiskars) driver.
    7. Guest house, cafe in Kaltene "Akmens stāsti"

      Kaltene, "Akmeni", Rojas n., LV-3264


      Guest house Guest house by the sea Guest house recreation center Cafe, restaurant, lunch, dinner, guest house, house by the sea, on the seashore, Overnight at the seafront in Kaltene, untouched nature, with families, in two, in silence, Nearby Roja, hotel.
    8. Guest house and camping "Ventaskrasti"

      "Ventaskrasti", Ziru p., Ventspils n., LV-3624


      .. Camping, recreation in countryside, recreation by the water, bath-house, country bath with wood, tub outdoor hot tub, fishing, swimming, children playground, volleyball, basketball, football, sports games, sports fields, boats trips, corporate parties, catering, catering upon order, country cuisine, horses, horse rides, seminars,
    9. Hotel in Latgale "Aka"

      Snitki, Malnavas p., Karsavas n., LV-5750


      Hotel Latgale Hotels Latgale Banquets Latgale Hotels Hotel, hotels, hotel in Latgale, accommodation, accommodation, overnight stay, hotels, hotel, hotel, motel, motels, motel, guest houses, guest house, leisure centre, recreation place, banquets, organization of banquets, banquet, fireplace, fireplace room, sauna, premises for
    10. "Baltinkrogs", Ltd., Farmhouse

      "Baltini", Pilskalnes p., Ilukstes n., LV-5447


      Rest in the Dviete floodplain nature park, country house in Dviete floodplain natural park, bird watching, water bird watching, migratory bird watching, fishing. Sukatnieka museum, rest in a quiet environment. Spanish cuisine, spanish dishes.
    11. Leisure centre "Ferma"

      "Upatnieki", Daukstu p., Gulbenes n., LV-4429


      Celebration hall, accommodation, bath-house, baths, bathhouse in Gulbene, bathhouse Vidzeme, tent places, rides with kartings. Kartings in Gulbene, karting. Accommodation in Gulbene, accommodation in Gulbene. Guest hall. Celebration, events. Weddings, celebrations, corporate events, premises for seminars (up to 100 people), Aluksne
    12. "Burtniekkrasts", guest house

      Burtnieki, Jana Vintena 10, Burtnieku p., Burtnieku n., LV-4206


      Guest house Cafe overnight stay, accommodation, rooms for rent, premises for events, events, guest houses, cafe, sauna, banquets, banquet tables, celebration tables, funeral feast, catering enterprise, catering, menu of the day, table laying, presentations, celebration servicing. rooms for wedding celebrations, Burtnieki, Burtnieku
    13. "Birinu Pils", hotel

      Birini, Vidrizu p., Limbazu n., LV-4013


      .. 140 pers. Banquets, banquet. Weddings. Seminars, seminar. Landscape park, tourism services, castle park, boats, excursions, horses, (rides, rides with carts, carts) sleigh, accommodation, ponies, picnic places, watermill, underground tombs. Bicycle rental. Summer cafe. Castle baths: sauna, turkish bath, pool with upstream, hot tub.
    14. "Unce", Ltd., Hotel

      Cesu 20, Valmiera, LV-4201


      Hotel, guest house, apartments, Unce, tent places, seminars, premises for seminars, hall for seminars, for presentations, conferences are possible with coffee breaks, conferences, hotel in Valmiera, hotel with shared kitchen, accommodation, overnight stay, rooms with shared kitchen, place for events, fireplace, tent place with trailers,
    15. "Albatross", Farm, Guest house

      Rogs, "Albatross", Kaunatas p., Rezeknes n., LV-4622


      Guest house in Latgale Guest house in Latgale, Lake Razna, recreation at Lake Razna, hotel, rooms with fireplace, shower cubicles, cook services, banquet hall, equipment for festive events, sauna, bath-house, tent camp, sports ground for football, volleyball, beach, boat rental, fishing.
    16. "Zvaigznites", ZS, Viesu maja pie Aiviekstes upes

      "Zvaigznites", Indranu p., Lubanas n., LV-4826

      +371 26825836

      Accommodation, lodging , accommodation in Lubāna, In Meirāni, near Aiviekste. Guest house, Holiday cottage. Recreation place by the River Aiviekste.. in Meirāni, near Aiviekste. A room with a fireplace for small parties, anniversaries, Large outdoor shed for summer events, Volleyball field. Children playground. Swings. Trampoline. We
    17. "Kalnsetas", hotel

      Kalnsetas 20, Saldus, Saldus n., LV-3801

      +371 20025120

      .. connection. Free parking. Family room - 36.00 EUR. Single and double rooms ( with single beds) - 13.00 EUR. Double rooms with a double bed 26.00 EUR. Triple rooms ( with single beds) - 11.00 EUR (prices are per bed / night). Breakfast.. person). Cots -7.11 EUR (per day). All prices with included VAT.
    18. "Nabite", camping

      "Nabite", Padures p., Kuldigas n., LV-3321


      Camping Camping near Ventspils Camping near Kuldiga Camping, camping in Kurzeme, camping houses. Accommodation, guest house, accommodation place, accommodation in Kurzeme, guest house in Kurzeme, overnight stay, tent places, trailer places, bath-house, hot tub, bathing places, recreation by the lake, events, seminars, banquet hall,
    19. "Vitoli", Accommodation

      Tome, Tomes p., Keguma n., LV-5020

      +371 26338775

      Accommodation Kegums Tome Camping Kegums Tome Trailer sites Kegums Lodging , overnight stay, camping. Bed places. Trailer places. Tent places. Recreation by the nature. Tent place. Trailer spot, trailer parking. Picnic places. Fireplace. Trampoline. Grill. Children playground. Conveniences, shower, kitchen
    20. "Aglonas Cakuli", Ltd., Guest house

      Aglona, Ezera 4, Aglonas p., Aglonas n., LV-5304


      Guest house in Aglona, guest house in Latgale, guest house in the countryside, guest house. Accommodation in Latgale, accommodation in Aglona, accommodation in the countryside, accommodation. Bath-house, bath-house, bathhouse in Latgale, Country bathhouse, bathhouse rental, bathhouse renting. Boats, boat rental, boat renting. Premises
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