DSV Latvia, LTD, Liepaja office

Flotes 16, Liepāja LV-3405
Large size cargo transportation, heavy freight transportation, oversized cargo transportation, Local and international freight transportation, (transport) from / to, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Holland, Belgium, England, Ireland, France,

BFT automatics

Brīvības gatve 401c, Rīga LV-1024
Gate automation solutions, door automation solutions, management systems, management system for home, automatics, automation solutions, automatic solutions, home automation, control equipment, control devices, sensors, sensor, area control, territory control, access control systems, access control, remote control, remote control

Gaja Pluss, SIA - Saliktu kravu parvadajumi, parvaksanas serviss ekspress piegade, muitas noliktava Eiropa, Baltija, Riga

Ogres 5, Rīga LV-1019
Courier services, small groupage cargoes, express delivery in whole Europe, customs warehouse. Delivery "from door-to-door", relocation, moving, service for individuals, personal belongings transportation to Europe, personal belongings transportation from Europe. Small size cargo transportation in the Baltic states, Lithuania, In
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BK Grupa, LTD, Logging

"Pēterupe BK" , Sējas pagasts, Saulkrastu nov. LV-2162
Forest purchase, Purchase of forests. Logging. Logging services. Forests, qualitative logging works, forestry, forestry works. Harvester and forwarding services, tiber hauler services, timber hauler. Excavator services. Felling removal. Forestry machinery. Special equipment services. Heavy trailer services, Excavator service for

ACE Logistics Latvia, SIA

"Kalniņi A" , Mārupes pagasts, Mārupes nov. LV-2167
International cargo transportation, freight transport, road freight transport, freight transport road, freight transport by road, groupage cargo transportation, small cargo transportation, dangerous cargo transportation, import freight transportation, export cargo shipments, transport to European countries, transport from European

Kronmat Baltic, Ltd., FAKRO official representative

Ulbrokas 42g, Rīga LV-1021
FAKRO roof windows, overhead lighting, roof hatches, curtains and accessories, light tunnels, attic stairs, roof membranes and films, OPTISTEP attic stairs, Optilight skylights, GALECO rainwater drainage systems. Wall hatches, roof electrical control, smoke extraction systems, blinds, awnings, sunshades, window fitting accessories,

Vartu sistemas, Ltd.

Kuldīgas 39b-8, Rīga LV-1083
Gates, gate equipment, gate automatics, gate repair, containers, disabled people elevators, sectional garage gates, territory entrance, courtyard gates, overhead gates, opening gates, sliding gates, barriers, Industrial gates, Sectional gates, high-speed gates, fireproof gates, folding gates, fences, wooden fences, forged metal fences,
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eLizings.lv, SIA

Lāčplēša 51, Rīga LV-1011
Credit comparison, car leasing, credit combinations, loan against immovable property, credit for companies - for economic operators. Financial activity, Leasing, loan, credit, merging, refinancing, re-crediting, refinancing, credit to companies, funding, for car purchase, car, moto, real estate, mortgage, loans, credit for purchase, credit

Ainara Spirģa Apbedīšanas birojs, LTD Rainar

Kuršu 25, Liepāja LV-3401
Hearse services. Funeral offices. Funeral services. Funeral accessories. Bus rental., funeral ceremony, funeral photo, funeral music, funeral planning, burial, funeral bouquets, wreaths, cross, crosses, coffin, coffins. Organization of funeral, funeral transport, urns, cremation, morgues, morgue. Freight transport, transport services,

Eira Group, LTD, Furniture manufacturing, fittings, sliding systems in Liepaja

Ādu 27, Liepāja LV-3401
Furniture manufacturing in Liepaja, Kurzeme, furniture accessories, components, wood boards for construction, wood boards for furniture, plywood, plywood, plate, OSB, veneer, veneer details, metal exterior doors, door ordering, exterior doors ordering, plate materials, MDF, table surface, surfaces, Eco wool, Eco wool, ecowool, anti-wind

PL Logistics, Ltd.

Bajāru 22, Rīga LV-1039
Plywood, veneer. Plywood. Plywood, veneer cuttings. KSP chipboard. Part production. Sawing. Building structures, formwork materials for concreting, furniture production, pressed cardboard, sawing, cutting services, office furniture, bedroom furniture, doors, windows, stairs, stairs, kitchen furniture. Furniture production, wooden

Liepajas apbedisanas birojs, Ltd.

Vaiņodes 15, Liepāja LV-3407
Funeral services. Transportation of the deceased from home, hospital or nursing home. The deceased storage in mortuary, preparation of the deceased for farewell. Sanitary services, makeup, shaving, dressing, placing in a coffin. Receipt of a certificate of the cause of death, receiving a death certificate. Receipt of funeral benefit from SSIA,

Uponor Latvia, Ltd.

Ganību dambis 7a, Rīga LV-1045
Heat supply and heat networks. Heated floors. Underfloor heating and cooling. Room temperature control. Underfloor heating, underfloor cooling, heated floors, heat supply, water supply, pipes, automatics, drinking water delivery, temperature control in the premises, thermostats, multi-layer pipes, composite pipes, building sewer system,

Grāmatvedības un finanšu vadības birojs, SIA

Dārzciema 60, Rīga LV-1073
Accountancy services. Accounting of source documents, salary calculation, tax calculation, long-term investment accounting, preparation and submission of tax returns, operational balance sheet, all types of reports. Annual report. Cash flow planning. Budget planning. Budget execution analysis. Calculation of cost. Development of

Ritols, Heat insulation and industrial floor manufacturer

Dzērbenes 27, Rīga LV-1006
Heat insulation, industrial floors, Stair restoration. Concrete floor coatings, industrial, industrial, food industry epoxy floors. Mechanically very durable, quick to assembly floor. Without noise and dust, without interrupting the exploitation of premises renewable floor. Flexible, non-slip, resistant floor tiles. Tiles with a unique

DS TRANSLATE, Translation office

Mārupes 4, Rīga LV-1002
Fast translations. Translation online. Translation prices. Translations into Ukrainian. Cheap translations. Professional translation agency. English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, French, Dutch, Estonian, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Moldovan, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian, Finish, Spanish,
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PrintPack Service, Ltd., Cardboard boxes, BIG BAG bags

Piedrujas 7A, Rīga LV-1073
Packaging materials, cardboard boxes, cardboard packaging, boxes, corrugated boxes, corrugated cardboard packaging, rigid cardboard boxes, durable cardboard boxes, boxes to order, cardboard boxes to order, cardboard boxes for packing, cardboard boxes for transportation, cardboard boxes for storage, Big bags, BIG BAG, big bag holders,
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Ivetas Bičevskas doctor practice in gynaecology

Pulkveža O.Kalpaka 16-108, Jelgava LV-3001
gynaecologist, gynaecology, gynaecologists, gynaecologist, gynecologist, gynaecologist, gynecologist practice, diagnosis of the causes of infertility, diagnostics of gynaecological ilnesses, pregnant women care, treatment of the causes of infertility, advice on contraception, gynaecological ailment treating, gynecologist during

Apbedisanas birojs Angel Jurmala, Ltd.

Nometņu 9, Jūrmala LV-2016
Funeral offices in Jurmala, In Kauguri. Funeral services in Jurmala, In Latvia, In Europe. 24-hour funeral services, 24-hour funeral service, transportation of the deceased from hospital to morgue around the clock, day and night mortuary services, deceased transportation from home to morgue 24-hours a day, embalming, attest death, death

Poliurs, LTD

Ozolnieki, Saules 8, Ozolnieku pagasts, Jelgavas nov. LV-3018
Industrially insulated pipes, industrially insulated pipelines, insulated pipeline production, insulated pipeline sale, insulated pipe wholesale, insulated pipeline production, insulated pipeline trade, insulated pipeline wholesale, isolated steel pipes for heat supply, insulated double pipes, isolated special pipes, insulated copper