Lom.LV Uzņēmums, LTD

Spilves 6A, Rīga, LV-1055
Purchase of scrap metal, ferrous scrap metal, metal collection, non-ferrous scrap metal, scrap metal purchase, buying up of scrap metal, purchase of scrap metal, ferrous scrap metal, purchase of non-ferrous scrap metal, metal collection, metal buying, metal purchase, metal buying, metal sale, containers, cutting of metal structures, cutting of

Jungheinrich Lift Truck, LTD

Rītausmas 23, Rīga LV-1058
Lift-trucks, lorry loaders, lifts, stackers, pilers, loading equipment sale, warehouse equipment sale, rental, service, spare parts, Jungheinrich hand pallet truck, electric pallet carts, hydraulic pallet trucks, pallet trucks, multi-direction forklifts, Jungheinrich loaders, electric forklifts, gas forklifts, diesel forklifts,

GEO Development, LTD, topography, surveying

Lapeņu 7, Rīga, LV-1013
Surveyors, surveying, surveyor, land surveyors, topography, topographic survey, cartography, cartographer, surveying works, border surveying, cadastral survey, border surveying, land use, land use, land surveying, geodetic control mapping, executive schemes, building site maps, executive survey, performance of executive measurements,


Pērnavas 35, Rīga, LV-1009
Car lifts, tyre repair, valves, weights, cleats, repair materials, car service devices, oil change equipment, car diagnostics equipment, exhaust gas suctions, suction systems, wheel geometry, brake tests, high-pressure washing, tyre assembly, wheel balancing, headlight adjustment systems, brake stand, stands, jack, jacks, hydraulic

RC Traffic, LTD, road construction

Krustpils 62C, Rīga, LV-1063
Road construction, traffic signs, improvement, improvement works, paving, paving works, installation of road signs, asphalt laying, asphalt-paving works, construction machinery, construction equipment rental, road construction equipment, Riga, Sigulda, Saulkrasti, Jurmala, Ogre, concrete cobblestone, cobblestone, curbs, street curbs,

Kosters, LTD

Brīvības gatve 441A, Rīga, LV-1024
Retail and wholesale of tools and implements. Abrasive materials. Sandpaper. Retail and wholesale of sandpaper. Tools. Abrasives, sandpaper and tools. Work clothes. Work protection products. Abrasive materials, Retail and wholesale of sandpaper, sandpaper, grinding materials shop, the best sandpapers, abrasive materials trade, polishing

Sprinkler Service, LTD

Brīvības 200C, Rīga, LV-1012
Mobile conditioners, conditioning equipment, security, fire fighting, fire alarm, fire-extinguishing systems, fire safety, sprinkler and gas fire-extinguishing systems, video surveillance. Fire safety. Air-conditioning, air curtains. Automatic fire alarm systems. Fire extinguishing and fire protection equipment, fire extinguishers.

LTC Baltija, LTD, wholesale of household goods

Ganību dambis 30M, Rīga, LV-1005
Household goods. Boilers, pans. Garbage bags, trash bins. Candles, grave candles, grave candles, sale of candles. Ironing boards, tumble dryer. Scales, brooms, sponges, mops, brush head, interchangeable brush cloths, removable brush cloths, mops, dust cloths. Bathroom accessories. Thermometers. Kitchen utensils. TORO. PROVENCE. PACLAN.

BalkanCom, LTD

Gustava Zemgala gatve 67, Rīga LV-1039
Garage gates, section gates, sliding fence gates, console gates, sectional gates, sliding gates, console gates, roller gates, overhead gates, double gates, sliding gates, automatic gates, entrance gates, opening gates, territory sealing gates, metal gates, one piece gates, street gates, fittings for sliding gates, blacksmith gates, industrial

Karme filtrs, water technology center

Pilsoņu 1 k-5, Rīga LV-1002
Water filters, water analysis, water treatment, water treatment. Engineering solutions, consultations, production, service, water analysis. Automatic water treatment complexes: iron removal and softening water filters, reverse osmosis equipment, ( RO) ultrafiltration, ( UF) and water recycling. Electrode ionizer, ( EDI) . Degassing columns

Ramkons, LTD

Mārkalnes 11 k-2, Rīga, LV-1024
Ready mixed concrete, mortar, reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete products, support, foundations, wells for telecommunications, foundation blocks, reinforced concrete curbs, well curbs, drainage curbs, concrete ring basics, wells covers, hatches, manhole covers, covers, door and window box lintels, intermediate covering plane, PP10,

Vollers-Rīga, LTD, warehousing services

"Lindes", Salaspils pagasts, Salaspils nov., LV-2118
Warehousing services, warehouses, freezer, customs, freezer services, cargo storage, sorting, cargo sorting, selection of cargoes, selection, temperature regime, regulējams temperatūras režīms, public bonded warehouses, warehouses for EU goods with rail drive, warehouses with rail drive, food storage, food storage, cocoa, coffee, chilled


Pētera 1, Jelgava, LV-3001
Fabrics, curtains, blinds, sewing accessories, sewing. Clothing mending, repair. Fabric and curtain trade. Fabric, curtain trade, sewing salon. Curtain design, window decoration. Stage curtains, furniture fabrics, window blinds, blind, installation of curtain rods. Artificial fur, fake fur. Yarn, clothing accessories. Curtain salon,

Iļģuciems, LTD, trade and wholesale of construction materials

Cesvaines 22, Rīga LV-1073
Construction materials, doors, cast iron products, solid wood doors, doors made of wood, belarusian doors, door fittings, jambs, door centre, Belarusian construction materials, doors Ilguciems, Ilguciems Building Materials Store, Iļģuciems shop, shop Ilguciems, roof covering, extruded ruberoid, construction chemicals, chipboards,

Saint-Gobain Celtniecības produkti, LTD

Skandu 7, Rīga, LV-1067
Construction materials, construction materials, heat insulation materials, soundproofing materials, Fibo, ISOVER, Weber, Gyproc, Rigips, Fibo blocks, DOW Styrofoam, Ecophon, mineral wool, glass wool, loose wool, insulation wool, gypsum board, metal profiles, suspended ceilings, acoustic ceiling, plasterboard ceilings, regypsum,

Latona Ltd., undertaker's office

Ģertrūdes 58, Rīga, LV-1011
Funeral services, funerals, funeral accessories, undertaker's office, all kinds of undertaking services, all kinds of funeral services in Riga, all kinds of funeral services in Latvia, transportation of the deceased, deceased transportation, transportation of the deceased from abroad, transportation of the deceased abroad, deceased

Smiltnieki, LTD

Tērvetes 85B, Jelgava, LV-3008
Well-curb, covering and other well element production, cobblestone, pavement slab, sidewalk and street curb, pavement, road curbs, well curbs, foundation blocks, feet, column tops, well curbs, concrete ring covering, foundations, cone, concrete ring cone, concrete production, reinforced concrete production, construction material

Rehabilitācijas centrs Tērvete, LTD

"Rehabilitācijas centrs Tērvete", Tērvete, Tērvetes pagasts, Dobeles nov., LV-3730
Rehabilitation center, water procedures, massages, therapeutic exercises, water treatment, physical therapy, salt chamber, room, sludge, paraffin ozokerite application, TERENKŪRS, respiratory organ diseases, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, after acute pneumonia, with movement - a pathology of the supporting apparatus,

iVF Riga Ģenētikas centrs

Zaļā 1-3.st., Rīga, LV-1010
Center of Genetics iVF Riga, Genetics, genetics Center, iVF Riga genetics, Doctor-geneticist consultations, Genetic counseling, doctors-geneticists, Dr. Liene Korņejeva, Dr. Ieva Grīnfelde, genetic testing, genetic analyses, genetic investigation, oncologist - chemotherapist consultations, in - depth genetic testing, genetic testing for

iVF Riga, infertility treatment and reproductive genetics clinic

Zaļā 1-2.st., Rīga LV-1010
Infertility, Infertility treatment, Gynaecologist, Gynaecology. Artificial insemination, Urologist, Urology, Gynaecologists, Urologists. Pregnant women care, Genetics, Reproductive genetics. Infertility, Infertility treatment, Gynaecologist, Gynaecology, Artificial insemination. Urologist, Urology, Gynaecologists,