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Airex, SIA – kokzagetava, kokmaterialu tirdznieciba

Kalnciema 78, Rīga LV-1046
Sale of timber materials, sawn timber, boards, bars, beams, floor boards, OSB, OSB boards, production upon order, impregnate, we supply, wooden beams, planed timber, construction boards - planed boards, finishing boards, floor boards, fence boards, lining boards, ( vagonka) terrace boards. Delivery up to 35 m3 with manipulator.
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Vilords GM, Ltd., Glass studio, workshop

D.Brantkalna 3a, Rīga LV-1082
Glass emergency service. Glass. Glazier workshop. Glass showcases. Glazier works. Glass partitions. Partitions made of glass. Glass walls. Glass showcases. Showcases. Showcases made of glass. Showcase replacement. Kitchen panels. Glass kitchen panels. Kitchen panels made of glass. Decorative glass. Kitchen panels made of glass. Glass panels

Černovs un Co, LTD, Tombstones Jurmala '

Raiņa 1, Jūrmala, LV-2011
Pathology department, code 1300- 00083, urns, Funeral in Jurmala, funeral house, jurmala funeral house, morgue and transport services 24-hours a day, coffins, crosses, wreaths, tapes, funerals in Jurmala, full document processing, tombstones, tombstone installation, plašs kapu pieminekļu piedāvājums, grave curbs, undertaker's office,

Seru nams, Funeral services in Jurmala, Ltd. Cernovs un CO

Raiņa 1, Jūrmala, LV-2011
Pathology department, code 1300- 00083, urns, Funeral in Jurmala, funeral house, jurmala funeral house, morgue and transport services 24-hours a day, coffins, crosses, wreaths, tapes, funerals in Jurmala, full document processing, tombstones, tombstone installation, plašs kapu pieminekļu piedāvājums, grave curbs, undertaker's office,

Line-X Baltic, Ltd., polyurethane protective coatings

Maskavas 457, Rīga, LV-1063
Surface protection, coatings for car cargo boxes, coatings for commercial vehicles, car body restraints, car bottom processing, waterproofing coatings, industrial protective coatings, car body protection, polyurethane protective coatings, polyurethane solutions, surface protection, car painting, industrial protective coatings, heat

Brasta Latvia, LTD, Shower cubicles, construction films, WC cabins

Ganību dambis 7a, Rīga, LV-1045
Shower enclosure assembly, waterproofing gaskets, non-asbestos slate, concrete slate, corrugated sheets, shower stall, steam insulation, waterproofing, diffusion membranes, non-standard shower cubicles, CAMPAIGNS, promotional events, wind barrier for pitched roofs, wind barrier for sloped building walls, steam insulation, film for

Buvelementi, Ltd., Sawmill

"Koki" , Baldones pagasts, Ķekavas nov. LV-2125
Building elements. Sawmill Baldone. Sawmills in Latvia. Finishing plank sale. Sawn timber. Wholesale of boards, trade, sawn timber, timber. Certified boards. CE certificate. Boards 25x50. Boards 25x100. Boards 25x150. Beams 50x100. Beams 50x150, Beams 50x200. Beams 50x250. Laths. Non-standard size beams. Purchase of forest property. Logging.

Koka elementi, Ltd., Saw-frame

"Koki", Baldones p., Ķekavas n., LV-2125
Building elements. Sawmill Baldone, sawmills, Latvia, finishing plank sale, wholesale, trade, sawn timber, timber, boards (25x50, 25x100, 25x150) beams (50x100, 50x150, 50x200, 50x250) laths, non-standard size, logging, purchase of forests, felling areas, purchase of pulpwood, wood on the road, round timber, logs, log, logs, purchase of

Sefinance, Ltd.

K.Valdemāra 57/59, Rīga, LV-1010
Refinancing, financial activity, loan for the purchase of a commercial object, long-term, loan. Loan refinancing, refinancing. refinancing. car, automobile, air, boat leasing. Motorcycle, vehicle, transport in leasing. Long-term leasing, loan for purchase of vehicles, moto, loan for tractor, for transport. Commercial object, real estate
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Woltec, Ltd., Vidzeme electric installation construction company

Ausekļa 31, Valmiera LV-4201
All types of electrical works and engineering. Electric installation works. Telecommunication system design and construction. Lightning protection. Control of technical parameters of electric facilities. Specializes in 0, 4-330 kV line and transformer, substation construction and repair works. Woltec. Construction, log buildings.
ZL.LV iesaka

Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks, LTD, freight transport, logistics, agricultural services, grain processing, products. Wise Grains

"Dzirnavnieks", Otaņķu p., Dienvidkurzemes n., LV-3475
Bulk cargo transport, grain transport, fodder transport, freight transport, freight transport road. Transport, flour, groats, grains, feed, bran, rye flour. Grain transport. Freight transport, tent transport, oversized cargo, cisterns, liquid bulk cargoes, European countries, wheat flour, wheat bran. Organic grain transport, BIO product
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Latgales Jumikis, Ltd.

Kārklu 20, Daugavpils LV-5401
Roof installation, metal roof coverings, roofs, wall coverings in Daugavpils, roof materials in Daugavpils, tin products in Daugavpils, drainage systems in Daugavpils, transport in Daugavpils, construction works in Daugavpils, roofing works in Daugavpils, wall coverings, wall covering sheets, walls, water pipes, drains, tin cutting, tin
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BELL Serviss, Ltd.

Mazā 6, Saldus LV-3801
Heating, ventilation, conditioning, design of heating and ventilation systems, construction, boilerhouses, heating mains, heating pumps, solar collectors, external, design of internal water supply and sewerage networks, construction, gas supply, external, internal gas supply network design, construction, consulting, designing,
ZL.LV iesaka

Nitram, Ltd., car radiator service center

Lubānas 133, Rīga LV-1021
Car radiators, Radiator service, repair, trade, Bus, truck radiators, SCANIA, MAN, MERCEDES, AUDI, VOLVO, VOLKSWAGEN, BMW, TOYOTA, FORD, LEXUS, NISSAN radiators, Car mats, body parts, air conditioner refilling, inspection, repair, Radiator soldering, manufacturing, Radiator inspection, core change, Aluminium welding, Car optics, Wings, Car
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Iecavas 7, Jelgava LV-3002
Driver, car driver training, motorcycle rider, motorcycle driving training, driving, instructors, auto, moto license, driver's license, auto, moto school, driver courses, driving school, motoschool, motorcycle driving courses, driving schools, driver courses, training for drivers, for moto drivers, chauffeur preparation, A, B, BE category,

Marko KEA, Ltd., wooden pallet production plant

Līči, "Ražotne Marko" , Stopiņu pagasts, Ropažu nov. LV-2118
Different size wooden pallets, different size wood pallets, different size wood pallet covers, purchase of used pallets, used wooden pallet sale, purchase of used wooden pallets, used wooden pallet sale, packing material purchase, packing material production, bulk material sale, eksports, trade, wooden boxes, padoni, certificates, HT, KD,

Ave Steel, Ltd., Metal trade

Rītausmas 2, Rīga, LV-1058
Metal, metals, metal trade, metal trade, ferrous metal, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal, steel, stainless steel, stainless metal, pipes, steel pipes, rod, bars, rolled metal, metal constructions, metal structures, metal articles, metal trade, metal trade in Pardaugava, Aluminium, profiles for attaching plasterboard.
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Ltd. ASE Heat engineering, construction, water supply, material sale in Smiltene

Daugavas 22, Smiltene LV-4729
Water supply, sewerage, electric installation. Heating, Water pipes, Sewerage, Heating boilers, Heating, Heating PURMO, radiators, Heating boilers, heating installation, heating installation, construction. Heating boilers Atmos, Viadrus, Grobiņas SPMK heating construction. Pumps, water supply automatic machines, WAVIN, PIPELIFE,

Ossov, Ltd., Manufacturing of mattresses, Trade

Jaunmoku 13, TC "Spice Home", Rīga, LV-1046
Furniture, chairs, beds, upholstered armchairs, pouffes, pull-out sofas, cheap sofas, children furniture, furniture shop, cheap furniture, upholstered furniture, furniture on the Internet, double beds, pull-out chairs, bedroom furniture, bed mattresses, living room furniture, cheap corner sofas, cheap bed mattress 160x200, sofa bed, corner
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Dievs Sveti, Ltd., Undertaker's office

Miera 27, Rīga, LV-1001
Funerals, Undertaker's office, funeral agency, Funeral services, funeral services in Riga, 24-hour funeral services, 24-hour funeral service, Undertaker's office in Riga, funeral offices in Riga, 24-hour undertaker's office, Funeral services in Riga, Funeral services prices, Funeral services in Latvia, Funeral service in Europe, burial