Bek-Konsult, LTD

Braslas 29A - 301, Rīga, LV-1084
Heating supply consultations, ( business plans) . Equipment supply, projects. Industrially insulated pipes. Heat exchangers, heat units. Logstor industrially insulated pipes. Heating supply system design, industrially insulated heating mains, woodchip boiler houses, building insulation projects, air-conditioning and ventilation design.

Assaz, LTD

Matīsa 143, Rīga, LV-1009
Door keys. Door Chip Keys, keys with a chip. ASSA ABLOY representative in Latvia, Master Key system production, evacuation equipment, "anti-panic" equipment, door automatics, door specification drawing up, hotel door equipment, certified door equipment installation, lock repair, key repair, lock repair, key fixing, lock change, key change, lock

Ivetas Bičevskas doctor practice in gynaecology

Pulkveža Oskara Kalpaka 16-108, Jelgava LV-3001
gynaecologist, gynaecology, gynaecologists, gynaecologist, gynecologist, gynaecologist, gynecologist practice, diagnosis of the causes of infertility, diagnostics of gynaecological ilnesses, pregnant women care, treatment of the causes of infertility, advice on contraception, gynaecological ailment treating, gynecologist during

Glāzeri BT, LTD

Matīsa 92, Rīga LV-1009
Glass printing, printing on glass. Glass, tinted, window, showcase, reinforced, armoured, reflective, tempered glass, mirrors. Glass tempering, painting, treatment. Double glazed windows, structures, facades, partition walls, doors, shelves, tables, shower cubicles. Glass floors, fittings, glass walls, furniture from glass, sheet glass.

Consilium Medicum, LTD

Rūpniecības 7-1, Rīga LV-1010
Medical clinic, clinic in Riga, clinic, medical practice, medical institution, pediatrics, medical center, health center, medical institution, medical clinic, therapeutic outpatient services, health centers in Riga, doctors, coloproctologist, traumatologist, rheumatologist, immunologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist,

Luning Shop Fitting, LTD

Mazā Rāmavas 5, Valdlauči, Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas nov., LV-1076
Metal shelves, designing, counters for shops, stands, showcases, hooks, baskets, basket systems, shelf dividers, warehouse shelves, shelving system, store shelves LSYSTEM, cash register counters, price strips, shopping carts, counters, shop showcases, furnishings, counter, stands, shop inventory, shop lighting, shop design, lighting,

August Latvia Serviss, LTD

Sliežu 7, Rīga LV-1005
Solar water heaters, pool heating, wastewater biological treatment plants, sewerage systems, purification equipment for private homes, bio equipment, private house, industrial and domestic waste water treatment, sewerage septic tanks, fire reservoirs, storage tanks, fiberglass tanks, petroleum, oils, sand, degreasers, sewage flow, water

EST Tehnoloģijas, LTD, Sale and repair of scales

Lastādijas 42, Rīga, LV-1050
POS printer, printer. Label. Label, label printing. Scale verification, verification, moisture meter, seed, grain, wall, straw, wood, coffee, for wood, cotton, detector, detectors, tester, testers, scales, scale trade, trade, crane, electronic, digital, food, laboratories, industrial, medical, pallet, floors, table, mobile, weighing

Palmer Group, LTD, Laser cutting

Lejupes 6, Ādaži, Ādažu nov. LV-2164
CNC laser cutting and folding, Welding services, MIGMAG and TIG welding, Stainless steel, customized manufacture of ferrous and aluminum products, Manufacture of semi-finished metal products, Large-scale metal preform production, Metal components bending, Metal machine tool, machine tool manufacturing, Laser cutting of sheet material,

MG Alliance, LTD, Accountancy services, Outsourcing company

Licencēts grāmatvedības uzņēmums AGL0000450
Hospitāļu 8-8a, Rīga LV-1013
Accountancy services, auditor, international accounting standards, inner audit, international audit, auditor services, internal audit and control, audit, legal services, Accountant, Company registration, Tax consultations, Tax optimization, tax counseling, tax planning, Accounting outsourcing, advice for international companies, full

Tehnisko Risinājumu Centrs, LTD, fire safety, fire-fighting inventory

Palejas 2B, Valmiera, Valmieras nov. LV-4202
Safety systems. Fire safety, fire fighting and fire protection products. Labor safety organization, consultations, fire safety equipment sale, maintenance, service. Fire safety, voice alarm, video surveillance, safety, low-voltage system design, assembly, service, service. Lightning protection system installation. Fire protection means.

Ave Steel, LTD, Metal trade

Rītausmas 2, Rīga LV-1058
Metal, metals, metal trade, metal trade, ferrous metal, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal, steel, stainless steel, stainless metal, pipes, steel pipes, rod, bars, rolled metal, metal constructions, metal structures, metal articles, metal trade, metal trade in Pardaugava, Aluminium, profiles for attaching plasterboard.

Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Latvian branch, Central Office

Vienības gatve 87H, Rīga, LV-1004
Private pension insurance, 3rd pension level, savings insurance, savings insurance for children, insurance for children, investment funds, life insurance, accident insurance, life, health, pension insurance, health insurance for natural persons, health insurance for enterprises, health insurance for employees, lifetime pension insurance,

Divine Heat Company, LTD

Maija 4-6, Rīga LV-1006
Modern heating systems( economic) . Heating, ventilation, heating equipment, conditioning system, heat pump( heating pumps, heat pumps) trade, ( heating) assembly. Heat pump. Ground heat pump. Divine Heat Company. Alternative heating, ground heat pump price, ground source heat pumps, ground heat pump costs, ground heat pump, ground heat pumps,

Alvi Car Rental, Autonoma Riga, Jurmala, Lidosta RIX

Zolitūdes 71B, Rīga, LV-1029
Passenger car rental, Car rental, Minivans for rent, Car rental, Car rental airport. Car rental Airport Riga, Cargo bus rental, Limousines for rent, Convertible rental. Jeep rental, Pickup rental, Car rental, Motorcycles mopeds and motorollers, Trailer rental. Luxury car rental. Passenger car rental "ALVI CAR RENT", car rental. Car rent with

GM Ozols, LTD, production of sawn boards

Rāmuļu 8, Rīga, LV-1005
Sawn timber, production of sawn boards, uncut boards dry 8%, non-sawn boards for joinery, unedged oak, ash, black alder boards, carpentry boards, sausi neapzāģēti dēļi, sale of timber materials, sawn wood panels, glued wood plates, roundwood buying oak, ash, black alder, buy logs oak, ash, black alder.

Merrem Industriplasts, Ltd. Plastic and rubber materials, parts store - warehouse

Patversmes 21, Rīga LV-1005
Plastic parts manufacturing, production, rubber parts manufacturing, plastic materials, plastic, rubber materials, gaskets, rubber, plastic products, rubber products, industrial plastic, technical plastics, seals manufacture, cutting, industrial plastic, polyethylene, polyamide, polypropylene, silicone rubber, monolithic,

Accuratio, LTD, Accountancy services

Krišjāņa Valdemāra 23, Rīga LV-1010
Accountancy audit, accountancy services, accounting consultations, accountancy, accountancy services for individuals and legal entities, financial accounting, financial accounting, consultations, office administration, annual report, annual report, reports, balance sheets, addiction report preparation, payroll calculation,

ARI Accounting Service, LTD, Accountancy services

Lāčplēša 27-6, Rīga LV-1011
Accountant certificate. Certified accounting company. Optimization principles, bookkeeping, accountant services, full accounting cycle, renovation, sorting, organizing, arranging for any period, employee records, fixed asset accounting, tax optimization, business consulting services, preparing, annual report preparation, financial

Enola, LTD

Aizkraukles 23, Rīga, LV-1006
Chemical reagents, standard substances, microbiological culture medium and test serums, diagnostic reagents and test strips, ( test strips) . Laboratory vessels, accessories, apparatus and equipment, materials for restoration, teaching aids in natural sciences. molecular patterns, household dyeing chemicals for yarn, for crafts, for