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Eira Group, LTD, Furniture manufacturing, fittings, sliding systems in Liepaja

Ādu 27, Liepāja LV-3401
Furniture manufacturing in Liepaja, Kurzeme, furniture accessories, components, wood boards for construction, wood boards for furniture, plywood, plywood, plate, OSB, veneer, veneer details, metal exterior doors, door ordering, exterior doors ordering, plate materials, MDF, table surface, surfaces, Eco wool, Eco wool, ecowool, anti-wind
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PL Logistics, Ltd.

Bajāru 22, Rīga LV-1039
Plywood, veneer. Plywood. Plywood, veneer cuttings. KSP chipboard. Part production. Sawing. Building structures, formwork materials for concreting, furniture production, pressed cardboard, sawing, cutting services, office furniture, bedroom furniture, doors, windows, stairs, stairs, kitchen furniture. Furniture production, wooden
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Liepajas apbedisanas birojs, Ltd.

Vaiņodes 15, Liepāja LV-3407
Funeral services. Transportation of the deceased from home, hospital or nursing home. The deceased storage in mortuary, preparation of the deceased for farewell. Sanitary services, makeup, shaving, dressing, placing in a coffin. Receipt of a certificate of the cause of death, receiving a death certificate. Receipt of funeral benefit from SSIA,

Grāmatvedības un finanšu vadības birojs, SIA

Dārzciema 60, Rīga LV-1073
Accountancy services. Accounting of source documents, salary calculation, tax calculation, long-term investment accounting, preparation and submission of tax returns, operational balance sheet, all types of reports. Annual report. Cash flow planning. Budget planning. Budget execution analysis. Calculation of cost. Development of
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Ritols, Heat insulation and industrial floor manufacturer

Dzērbenes 27, Rīga LV-1006
Heat insulation, industrial floors, Stair restoration. Concrete floor coatings, industrial, industrial, food industry epoxy floors. Mechanically very durable, quick to assembly floor. Without noise and dust, without interrupting the exploitation of premises renewable floor. Flexible, non-slip, resistant floor tiles. Tiles with a unique
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Poliurs, Ltd.

Ozolnieki, Saules 8, Ozolnieku p., Jelgavas n., LV-3018
Industrially insulated pipes, pipelines, production, trade. Pipes isolated, pipes plastic. Polyurethane heat insulation. Cold water pipes. Heating network design, assembly, consultations. Plastic pipeline systems. Pipes, water pipe, cable pipes, plastic poles. Plastic pipelines, systems. Plastic profiles. Pipes, for boreholes, borehole

DS TRANSLATE, Translation office

Mārupes 4-42, Rīga LV-1002
Fast translations. Translation online. Translation prices. Translations into Ukrainian. Cheap translations. Professional translation agency. English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, French, Dutch, Estonian, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Moldovan, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian, Finish, Spanish,

Apbedisanas birojs Angel Jurmala, Ltd.

Nometņu 9, Jūrmala LV-2016
Funeral offices in Jurmala, In Kauguri. Funeral services in Jurmala, In Latvia, In Europe. 24-hour funeral services, 24-hour funeral service, transportation of the deceased from hospital to morgue around the clock, day and night mortuary services, deceased transportation from home to morgue 24-hours a day, embalming, attest death, death
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Mazins ka jura, Private kindergarten, Ltd. Skolmeistars

Lielirbes 13-4, Rīga LV-1046
Private kindergarten, garden, Private pre-school educational institution, kindergarten in Pardaugava, Child care, Children's cognitions, training materials, preparation of visual aids, trade, off-site seminars, professional advice on the spot, parent training, harmonious personality creation, kindergartens, preschool education,
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Consilium Medicum, Ltd.

Rūpniecības 7-1, Rīga LV-1010
Medical clinic, clinic in Riga, clinic, medical practice, medical institution, pediatrics, medical center, health center, medical institution, medical clinic, therapeutic outpatient services, health centers in Riga, doctors, coloproctologist, traumatologist, rheumatologist, immunologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist,

Kalnakrogs, Ltd., Agricultural, Communal equipment

Ķekava, Rīgas 107, Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas nov. LV-2123
Agriculture equipment, Agricultural machinery trade tractor machinery trade, livestock machinery trade sale of public utility machinery, new agricultural machinerym, used agricultural machinery, forest equipment, garden equipment, gardening equipment, environmental care equipment, rakes, combines, plows, cultivators, mulchers, feed

Latekss, Ltd., Wooden windows

Ganību dambis 40c, Rīga LV-1005
Windows, doors, wooden windows, wooden doors, euro windows, euro doors, exterior doors, double glazed windows, package logo, windows with double glazing, double glazed windows, sawn timber, glued sawn timber, calibrated timber, non-dried timber, dried timber, finishing boards, floor boards, cladding, boards, window beams, stairs, stairs,

Luning Shop Fitting, Ltd.

Valdlauči, Mazā Rāmavas 2, Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-1076
Metal shelves, designing, counters for shops, stands, showcases, hooks, baskets, basket systems, shelf dividers, warehouse shelves, shelving system, store shelves LSYSTEM, cash register counters, price strips, shopping carts, counters, shop showcases, furnishings, counter, stands, shop inventory, shop lighting, shop design, lighting,
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MG Alliance, SIA, Autsorsinga kompanija

Krasta 105a-240-3, 518. kab., Rīga LV-1019
Accountancy services, auditor, international accounting standards, inner audit, international audit, auditor services, internal audit and control, audit, legal services, Accountant, Company registration, Tax consultations, Tax optimization, tax counseling, tax planning, Accounting outsourcing, advice for international companies, full

Gofre Baltija, Ltd.

Lokomotīves 142, Rīga, LV-1063
Acceptance points, We collect, export, buy waste paper, cardboard, paper, polyethylene, We sell corrugated cardboard new boxes, products, gaskets, wrapping paper, Waste paper, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, paper, PAP, Polyethylene film, polyethylene, film, PE, HDPE, LDPE, Packaging, waste packaging, secondary raw materials, sorted

Ava-Clinic, leading gynecology and reproductive clinic

Vīlandes 3, Rīga LV-1010
Infertility, infertility treatment, infertility investigation, treatment of all types of infertility, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, extracorporeal fertilization, artificial insemination technologies, medically assisted reproduction, state program, medical fertilization within the framework of state-funded

Door opening: sosserviss.lv

Video surveillance system for mobile phone and internet, via telephone, smartphone, provides the ability to track surveillance cameras installed in the house, apartment, office, bureau or other facility via the Internet, mobile phone, Reacts when cameras in a locked area capture the moment the movement takes place, the message is sent in a text

PrintPack Service, Ltd., Cardboard boxes, BIG BAG bags

Piedrujas 7A, Rīga LV-1073
3M, 3M films, 3M production, acrylic glass, acrylic pipe, acrylic rods, AXPET car adhesive films, car adhesive films, car films, reflective adhesive films, reflective films, reflective contour tape, anti scratch, cold laminating machines, aluminum composite panels, hazardous liquid waste utilization, solvent reclamation, BigBag, Bakelite,

Latvijas Mikrokirurgijas centrs

Brīvības gatve 410-2.st., Rīga, LV-1024
Plastic surgeries, Beauty salons, Hospitals, Inpatient services, Outpatient clinic, health centers. Abdominoplasty, Skin nerves bone muscle flap transplantation, Skin growths, Skin formations, Eye corner drooping, Aivars Tihonovs, Acute reconstructive surgery, Amputation, Anda Gaile, Treatment of burns, Arguts Keirāns, Arthritis, Tissue
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Akmens IAB, Individual merchant, Tombstones in Jurmala

Jūrkalnes 6, Jūrmala, LV-2011
Production. Gravestone production in Jūrmala. We produce granite monuments, granite curbs, mosaic curbs, forging, workshop. Monument, monuments. Granite monuments. Granite crosses, benches. Stone articles. Delivery and installation. Fences. Concrete, granite fences.